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"Faceless figures continue to intrigue me"

Freedom June 2024

I'm springing into summer! As the temperature rises, I've been drawn to bold, beautiful sunset colors, oranges, reds, pinks, yellows -- and blues, aquas, green, and smudges of white for cool relief.

It's been a whirlwind of a winter! Busy and happy. As you might know, the big news is that my new Naples gallery celebrated its grand opening...

Amy Moglia Heuerman has opened her namesake Amy Art Gallery + Studio

Be at home with art at our grand opening ...

Journalist Jean Amodea interviewed me and wrote a feature about my life and art for the new Naples Press weekly newspaper.

We hosted a holiday party with an angelic theme ...

Naples Illustrated magazine profiled Amy in a feature article about her life, art and new gallery.

Naples Illustrated November 2023

Meet Amy Moglia Heuerman. We recently connected with Amy Moglia Heuerman and have shared our conversation.

Canvas Rebel October 2023

Artist Amy Moglia Heuerman opens new gallery

I take pictures of my paintings as I work on them, showing the steps of a completed work of art.

Amy Moglia Heuerman opens a new gallery and studio in the Naples Design District

Artist Amy Moglia Heuerman opens new gallery in Naples Design District. Naples-based, nationally known artist Amy Moglia Heuerman announced the Saturday, Oct. 21 opening of the new Amy Art Gallery + Studio.

Unveiling her world-class gallery + studio

Elevated Art September 2023

In Conversation with Naples Artist Amy Moglia Heuerman. We sat down with Naples artist Amy Moglia Heuerman to discuss her new gallery and what’s inspiring her right now.

The Scout Guide September 2023

Reaching new heights at Amy Art

There is no right or wrong. It's all about what makes YOU happy.

After thinking about the flag as a work of art and studying other artists' American flag paintings, I knew I wanted my flag to look like it is waving, caught in mid-flutter

The ink is drying on the lease to my new space.

Naples-based artist Amy Moglia Heuerman has been honored as one of 18 Florida abstract expressionist painters ...

Naples-based artist Amy Moglia Heuerman recently hosted snowbirds from Michigan at her art gallery and studio located in the Naples Design District.

Amy has been honored as one of 18 American artists featured in Miami: Pastel Paradise.

On this day devoted to love, I'm inspired to express my gratitude to you for allowing me to share my creative journey.

Thank you to everyone who joined the festivities and the art exhibit at my open house event last week.

Party Pics! February 2023

My painting, “Big Bang,” is now open for bidding on the Naples Winter Wine Festival’s online auction!

The holidays bring creative inspiration. It is time for renewal and reflection even as I am busy with the traditional festivities.

The Season of Love December 2022

A love for the Gulf Coast and its alluring spirit informs the serene work of Naples artist Amy Moglia Heuerman.

Returning to Naples after quiet summers in Michigan is always a special joy.

Reconnecting November 2022

As I write this letter, I am excited to be preparing for my return to Naples after Hurricane Ian interrupted all of our lives.

I was born an artist. I have always loved to draw. When in school, I could be caught drawing the teacher’s shoes or someone’s backpack instead of taking notes! I’ve had a few art classes, but basically, I’m self-taught.

I've been inspired by the world beyond my easel. Suddenly, my palette became drenched in vivid, saturated color. My creative energies are revived.

I'm celebrating "World Art Day" by reflecting on the long and purposeful journey of creativity that led to what makes Amy Art unique today.

Spring is a season of renewal, warmth and joy. When creating a series of floral pieces, I often feel these same emotions.

Whew, it's been a busy month in the studio! As I continue to be inspired and create, the website is a great way to view currently available art.

I love that we have a holiday dedicated to gratitude. I honor Thanksgiving by celebrating the joy of life that I strive to capture in my work.

Two exhibitions in Naples -- Amy Art gallery & studio, and John R. Wood on Broad Ave.

Homecoming October 2021

I am observing Labor Day by honoring all those who engage in creative activities.

{Quote from Henri Matisse}
I had convinced myself that I was incapable of painting flowers despite my desire to do so. I even took a class to learn how to paint flowers and it didn't work.

Cadmium red primer, sage green, blue. I love white, but I woke up that day in a sage green mood.

A committed, lifelong artist, Amy Moglia Heuerman was raised in Tennessee and Georgia, and moved with her family to New Jersey at 13, where she lived for more than 30 years ...

My new Summer Carnival series is inspired by my Bay Harbor mood. Picture flags fluttering, flower-filled balconies, evening fireworks, gliding boats, family fun with homemade ice cream.

I'm delighted to share that three of my paintings are included in the Journey through Time exhibition at Emillions Art, the Naples, Fla. gallery on 5th Avenue South.

People are surprised to learn that I prepare my canvases by painting them cadmium red. The color adds vibrancy and depth to the finished art. It is the foundation of my paintings. 

Virginia Woolf’s famous essay, "A Room of One’s Own," has a powerful message that is easily applied to artists.

As many of you know, I lived in Omaha for 12 years with my former husband, Joe Moglia. Omaha continues to hold a fond place in my heart; it's where I still have many friends with whom I stay in touch.

Naples inspires Amy Moglia Heuerman’s life and art. Since moving to the town full-time in 2013 after many years of extended visits, the lifelong artist has made a substantial impact on both the art scene and in philanthropic circles, achieving recognition for her paintings, generosity and ebullient spirit.

I'm thrilled to be a "wellness ambassador," representing the arts, for the Jan. 16 and 17 Paradise Coast Wellness Experience, a weekend of wellness events throughout Naples.

The Wellness of Art December 2020

My whole life I have wanted to be five. You know, because when you're six you go to first grade and that's a lot of pressure.

Coming back to Naples always reinforces my love for it. Naples is truly my hometown.

At the beginning of the pandemic, like everyone else, I felt the confusion and turmoil of the new reality, especially the enforced isolation.

News of the virus continues to dominate headlines. No one is immune to the profound changes in our lives.

Naples artist Amy Moglia Heuerman paints what’s been termed “coastal abstracts.” At least she did until that one day during lockdown, when almost unconsciously, she started painting a series of spaced-out, …

Naples beckoned when I was at a crossroads in my life and looking to put down new roots. I considered Palm Springs, CA, and Pawley’s Island, South Carolina. But the Gulf of Mexico lapping at Naples’ shores proved irresistible.

Please meet my newest painting, "Distance," fresh from my studio and inspired by this time of isolation. Remember, we are not alone. We stand together.

Greetings to my friends and family during this difficult time. I hope you are staying safe -- and sane! Many of us in quarantine can take solace in beauty, binge TV, walks in nature, and time with family.

It's February and season is getting into full swing in Naples, as is my creative process. Finally!

On the most gorgeous November Saturday in Naples, I joined almost 30 local artists to descend on the great lawn of the Naples Beach Hotel for the 3-hour Quick Draw event.

Too Much Fun! November 2019

I am honored to announce that three of my paintings were selected to be hung at the Great Lakes Center for the Arts in Bay Harbor, Michigan, a new $25 million, 500-seat performing arts center serving Northern Michigan. 

You might know that Paul, Button (our Maltipoo) and I were displaced to a rental house in Naples this winter.

As spring turned to summer in Naples, this painting came to life.

Ready or Not! June 2019

Spring was a happy whirlwind.

More than a year ago, I was invited to be part of the 2019 Artis-Naples Artists' Studio Tour. And here it is! Just days away.

I'm honored to be one of seven local artists featured on Artis-Naples 23rd annual Artists' Studio Tour!

Curve balls yield interesting results. I wish I could tell you that I've been incredibly athletic, chasing tennis and golf balls.

In the past few weeks, I finished three paintings in my home studio in Bay Harbor, Michigan. I wondered: What is their final destination? What is the fate of the paintings hanging quietly in my Naples studio?

You've noticed that my paintings are blue. People say I'm in my blue period. But what you might not know is that there are up to 10 different blues in each painting.

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