The Wellness of Art

December 2020

I'm thrilled to be a "wellness ambassador," representing the arts, for the Jan. 16 and 17 Paradise Coast Wellness Experience, a weekend of wellness events throughout Naples.

Left: "Head Over Heels"

I will march in the Olympic-style “Walk to Wellness” on 5th Avenue South on the morning of Jan. 16, carrying the “Art” banner with marketing guru Beth Preddy.

Following the walk, my “Head Over Heels” artwork, the signature image for the event, will be presented at the opening ceremony in Sugden Plaza at 10 a.m.

I experience the ultimate in well-being when I’m painting. The act of being in touch with your inner self, expressing your spirit and state of mind is, for me, an example of how creativity plays a role in health and wellness. So when I was invited to submit artwork for the signature event image, I thought of the joyful expression of “Head Over Heels,” and it won! My graphic designer, Tim Kling, designed the logo for the event incorporating the image from my painting.

The public is welcomed to all the events which range from yoga on the beach to swamping in the Everglades. Visit for info and to sign up.

Above: Yoga on the beach

Above: Swamping at Big Cypress National Preserve

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