A Studio of One’s Own

June 2019

You might know that Paul, Button (our Maltipoo) and I were displaced to a rental house in Naples this winter.

Left: Amy Moglia Heuerman with Button

Our home had sustained major damage due to a flood and we had to relocate while it was basically being rebuilt. The rental home had a huge, sunlit studio. I’m only now realizing how productive I was working in that sunny space.

The realization came when I arrived in Bay Harbor, Michigan, for the summer, and reopened Amy Art, my studio and gallery on Main Street in the little, charming village.

After we arrived in early June, I got to work freshening the space, painting the floors a matte white and the walls a pale, mint green.

Two newer paintings completed in the Naples studio deserve mention.

One is “Ready or Not,” painted as spring turned to summer, when the blues of the Gulf and sky were in their symphonic splendor, awakening all my summer senses.

The other is “Beyond Me” which, drumroll, was selected for display in the lobby of the Great Lakes Center for the Arts!

Above: Ready or Not" 36 x 48 inches. Acrylic on canvas.

Above: "Beyond Me" in the lobby of the Great Lakes Center for the Arts.

In Michigan, Amy Art is my haven. I need space, just like any artist.

Our studios are where we experiment, stretch and, when we’re lucky, enter that state of being where time stands still and we wonder afterward, “how did I do that”?

I’m in Amy Art most days, painting and welcoming visitors, and looking forward to expanding my creative horizons.

If your travel plans include northern Michigan this summer, please look me up. Paul and I always love seeing old and new friends.

With heart, imagination, color.

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