I Love You with All My Art

February 2023

On this day devoted to love, I'm inspired to express my gratitude to you for allowing me to share my creative journey.

Left: "My Heart" 16x12 inches

In honor of the day, I even painted a heart for you!

You have been with me from my days of painting in a spare bedroom, to my first gallery in Michigan — a tiny hallway with no running water (I filled orange juice bottles with water to wash my brushes) — to my second gallery in Michigan, to my newest gallery and studio in Naples in the Naples Design District.

And today, I am excited to announce my latest labor of love: My brand new website, AmyArt.net.

I hope you’ll visit soon and enjoy the home page features such as “Off the Easel” — a collection of new paintings — and “Great Reads,” my blog and media coverage.

If you like, you can click the links in the below navigation to explore each page.

The main paintings page (above) features four photos that each lead to galleries of abstract, coastal, floral, and “the girl” paintings.

Individual photos of paintings include a sample installation so that you can imagine the art in your own space.

Huge thanks to Naples-based Exploritech, “digital crusaders of awesomeness,” for the design and behind-the-scenes programming of AmyArt.net. They kept me on a schedule and helped organize hundreds of images and reams of copy. (In case you’re looking, I highly recommend them!)

I’d love to hear your feedback! Please contact me through my website or leave a Google review of my gallery by clicking here: Google reviews.

I thank you with all my art!

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