There are always flowers for those who want to see them.

July 2021

{Quote from Henri Matisse}
I had convinced myself that I was incapable of painting flowers despite my desire to do so. I even took a class to learn how to paint flowers and it didn't work.

Left: This is "Ferris Wheel," the first painting in the series. I didn't mean to paint floral shapes, but that's the description I heard from people.

And despite the fact that people are calling my new paintings “florals,” they actually came to life by a happy accident.

They literally started life as one painting with blobs of color that I worked and worked with color and texture. And then they resembled flowers if you looked at the painting in a certain way. After the accidental abstract floral, I had more awareness of the floral shapes and movements. And the “floral” paintings burst forth.

Above: By the time I painted "Snow Cone" I was more aware of the manifestations of the shape and movement of flowers.

Above: "Roller Coaster" kept the blossoms going.

But if you ask me, I’m still not capable of painting flowers. I paint the suggestion of flowers, their essence.

Above: "Carousel" looks like a kaleidoscope.

Above: "Fireworks" July 28, 2021

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