A Room of One’s Own

March 2021

Virginia Woolf’s famous essay, "A Room of One’s Own," has a powerful message that is easily applied to artists.

Left: my new studio and show room in Naples

My new studio and showroom in Naples is an example of how a room of my own inspires more freedom to be exactly who I am and to paint from my heart.

The new space serves two purposes: It functions as a gallery for visitors and a studio for me to paint in.

Before, I hosted interested buyers in my home to view paintings that were hung in hallways, bedrooms, the den, living room, even bathrooms. I would lead people through my home to see the art. It wasn’t ideal because the viewer could not stand back to see the paintings.

Now, with my new space, visitors can see the paintings hung together in harmony. My hope is that they can feel the joy, serenity and innocence expressed by my inner five-year-old.

Being able to paint in my own space is also a dramatic change. When I worked in my home studio … let’s face it, the dogs are barking, and the washer/dryer is dinging and the doorbell is ringing.

Now, I am in the artmaking zone without interruption. I choose my music and get into zen mode. The work is like meditation. I may be “directed” to grab a palette knife at a certain critical juncture. I can “hear” the moment and know that a painting needs a wallpaper scraper rather than think about what I’m making for dinner.

The solitude is a blessing. I listen to the universe. Artists, I know for sure, need a room of their own.

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