An Eagle’s Eye View: My ArtBeat

August 2018

Curve balls yield interesting results. I wish I could tell you that I've been incredibly athletic, chasing tennis and golf balls.

Left: Lavender Hills Farm 10"x10" Oil on canvas

But instead, I fell and broke my rib.

When I paint, I move my whole body back and forth in big motions to lay down a multitude of layers, and that just wasn’t possible with the pain in my side.

But I have to paint — I usually spend at least four hours a day at the easel — so I sat at a table and did a few small oils from scenes that inspired me. And they’re a little different than my abstract landscapes.

Coincidentally, I had been attracted to the little canvases and bought several, so they were already there for the right moment. The universe works!

Thankfully, the rib healed enough for me to serve as one of the three judges for the annual Bay Harbor art festival last weekend. There were about 75 exhibitors and hundreds of people arrived by bike, car, camper, trolley, and boat to browse the arts and crafts on display and for sale. The weather was glorious. The flags were flying their colors and boats bobbed in the harbor. The whole scene resembled a Norman Rockwell painting, like all of northern Michigan.

Above: My view. 10" x 10" Oil on canvas

I ran around with my clipboard talking to artists and artisans, some local, and some from the countrywide art fair circuit. First prize was a jeweler (that’s him standing next to me). A photographer won second place, and a fabric artist third.

Adventure and transformation are the key words for my Michigan sojourn. I am grateful to be so warmly welcomed by the community here. The arts scene is blossoming. Most important, The Great Lakes Center for the Arts opened last month as a cultural and social hub for all of Northern Michigan. Paul and I attended the opening gala, which featured a performance by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

I’ll be back in Naples in September and am looking forward to more adventure and transformation!

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