Still alone, but we’re okay.

August 2020

At the beginning of the pandemic, like everyone else, I felt the confusion and turmoil of the new reality, especially the enforced isolation.

Left: "The Girls" gallery

I ran through the gamut of emotions. One day, completely content. The next, desperate for socialization.

The first painting to emerge during this time was “Distance.” One night, I started making marks on a 60×60 inch canvas of where the heads and shoulders were going to be and it continued from there with the “alone but together” figures.

The girl figures followed quickly, like they jumped off the “Distance” canvas. First was “Swimming.” Then came “Dance Like No One’s Watching,” and “Pink Dresses,” which were about being with sisters and family. The girls took on a life of their own as the new reality settled in and we coped as best we could. I started to have fun, painting “Pizazz,” “Head Over Heels,” “Peek-A-Boo,” “Jiggle & Jive,” and “Where’s the Dance Floor.” Now, six months later, we’re still alone, but we’re okay.

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