An Easel’s Eye View

June 2018

You've noticed that my paintings are blue. People say I'm in my blue period. But what you might not know is that there are up to 10 different blues in each painting.

Left: Just before I left for Michigan

I throw in red, green, pink, and lavender. Sometimes I pour the colors right on the canvas and mix them, while still intending to end up with the blue aura.

In painting, I have an intention. Foremost is the joy of working with the paint, the spontaneous movement. And usually I am painting while keeping a mental focus on a horizon, as you can see in most if not all my paintings. Looking at a horizon makes problems smaller. It’s a vast world out there!

There are so many personalities to blue. Calming, cool, serene, and also turbulent. I like to express the full spectrum of blue.

In Naples, I live near the Gulf of Mexico and am naturally inspired by its unique blue waters. 

During the summer, I reside part-time on the shore of Lake Michigan, which looks like a Norman Rockwell painting, with its flower beds, picket fences and flags outside each home.

Above: My new painting with my Michigan inspiration.

But I am drawn to the different blues of the lake. The inland stacks of hay and the lavender fields are the new vistas before me. I wonder how these new impressions will be expressed in my paintings.

The seasons change and we change with them. Are you inspired by the new colors of your summer setting? New flowers, skies, landscapes, horizons? I hope you relish the feast of colors in a new season.

I look forward to sharing with you my view from my perch on Lake Michigan!

I would love to hear from you and welcome your feedback and thoughts. Please drop me a note to keep in touch, as I will keep in touch with you.

May your day be filled with heart, imagination and color.

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