How to Buy Art

June 2023

There is no right or wrong. It's all about what makes YOU happy.

Sometimes, people buy art because they fall in love. A painting, photo or sculpture speaks to their heart, and finding a place for it in their homes or businesses is secondary.

More often, buyers are searching for a work of art for a particular place of honor — over a sofa, in a foyer or bedroom, on a gallery wall or the stair landing. I frequently meet these buyers in my galleries. They are searching for art that is also part of a design scheme.

Interior design may change, while the art is permanent. How do you bridge the gap and buy art that fits the place of honor, and also has a place in what may become a permanent art collection? You have to love it and live with it for a long time.

How to Buy Art Art for Interior designer

How to Buy Art Interior designer Art Naples

After working with buyers of art for many years, I have discovered a practical method for them to own a work of original art they will love for years.

1. While looking for art online or in galleries, follow artists whose work you like, especially on social media and on their websites. As you study art that you like, your taste matures and broadens.

2. Identify the space in your environment for the work of art.

3. Measure length and width of spaces for art, not just the blank space awaiting the art, but also the furnishings that would surround it. Is there a console or sofa under it?

4. Mark off your measurements on the wall with blue painters’ tape.

5. Color scheme — identify a favorite color in your environment. It could be from a pillow, a rug, or even the overall color composition.

6. Photos! This is the most important and overlooked step. Take a close-up, and then step back and take a picture of the room. Also take a close-up of a color that you want to highlight.

7. Work with your designer, who may have already completed the above steps. If you do not have an interior designer, I can collaborate with you to help realize your wishes for your space.

How to Buy Art Contemporary art

How to Buy Art Abstract Expressionism

Above all else, you want to love your art. Sometimes it takes a while to find it, and sometimes it’s an immediate attraction. Enjoy the process. There’s no right or wrong way. It’s about your personal taste and joy.

Happy art shopping!

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