Miami: Pastel Paradise

March 2023

Amy has been honored as one of 18 American artists featured in Miami: Pastel Paradise.

Left: Shockwave, 30x40 inches. Acrylic on canvas.

Last year, I strolled into the Quidley & Company art gallery in Naples and was blown away by a painting by artist J. Steven Manolis. Called “Sunshine,” it was a swath of brilliant yellow with strong architectural shapes in similar hues.

The sheer size and beauty of it was so impressive it took my breath away. I started following the artist on Instagram, he followed me back, and so we digitally connected.

Recently, I noticed that Manolis was calling for artists to apply for inclusion in a show called Miami: Pastel Paradise, to be held in his Manolis Projects gallery and inspired by the pastel hues of the hotels on Miami’s South Beach. I sent samples of my pastel-colored paintings in the remote chance that I would be selected.

The email came a week later that I was selected as one of 18 guest artists to be included in the show. The next step was to paint a 30×40 inch painting in pastel hues in the abstract expressionistic style to be exhibited in the show.

Above: Sneak peek of the Miami: Pastel Paradise exhibition at Manolis Projects in Miami

Above: Bruce Helander, me, J. Steven Manolis

The exhibition opens March 23 at the Manolis Projects gallery in Miami near the downtown arts district, and will include my painting, “Shockwave.”

Miami: Pastel Paradise will be up and running through October 30. If you’re in the Miami area and visiting galleries, please stop by!

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