A Focus on Florals: Spring Inspired Pieces Celebrating the Season

March 2022

Spring is a season of renewal, warmth and joy. When creating a series of floral pieces, I often feel these same emotions.

Left: "Snow Cone" 60x48 Inches, Acrylic on Canvas

To celebrate the start of a new season, I’m focusing on the beauty of a few of these floral works and invite you to explore them as well.

As always, my work is available for viewing online, www.AmyArt.net, or at my Naples or Bay Harbor galleries. For now, let’s dive into these colorful favorites!

“Snow Cone” radiates joy and life – I’ve often said this piece would look fabulous adorning the walls of a guest room, office or even a nursery!

“Ferris Wheel” is the epitome of spring. With layered intricacies of deep blues and bright whites, this piece offers something new every time you look. If you study it close enough, you’ll even see hidden “boxes” set in the foundation of the florals in a subtle way.

Above: "Ferris Wheel" 60x60 Inches, Acrylic on Canvas

Above: "Fireworks" 60x48 Inches, Acrylic on Canvas

“Fireworks” is the burst of color your walls are looking for. Dynamic shades of orange and pink dance happily alongside lilac hues. The complimentary shades work seamlessly into any existing space or decor this piece hangs against. Truly a vision celebrating a new season, this piece of art just makes you step back and say, “wow!”

“Fresh” is an extremely dynamic take on florals, with a golden pop hidden amongst gorgeous shades of blues. This piece is slightly more abstract and would instantly elevate and bring color to an otherwise neutral space in your home.

Above: "Fresh" 48x48 Inches, Acrylic on Canvas

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