A peek behind the scenes of “Regatta”

June 2021

People are surprised to learn that I prepare my canvases by painting them cadmium red. The color adds vibrancy and depth to the finished art. It is the foundation of my paintings. 

Left: the start of "Regatta"

The viewer may not see the red in the painting, but it interacts with the many layers of color on top and in some places, it shines through.

For Regatta, I wanted to express the proud, gutsy and confident mood of this powerful color. On top of the red, I painted layers of brown-red, yellow, orange, and layers and layers of red.

To enhance the strength of the canvas, I painted solid, angular shapes across the red expanse. They gave the work an energy and motion that reminds me of a regatta.

People bring their own visions to an abstract work of art. I welcome all interpretations! Even if one’s vision does not align with mine. My main intention is to inspire feeling …

… with imagination and color,

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